¿ яain attacks ~they throw away even important memories~ ?

¿ despair, despair, it was all despair?

sanni / coldnamida ?

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facts: sanni → doesn't tell her age at profile → finnish → likes japan, photographing etc → 159cm → fav.bands are mainly Kagrra, and KAT-TUN, for other check this → likes powerade and chocolate too → doesn't like dark, thunderstorms etc → introduction postlovebars ?

blogcrews → 001002 → ?

communities → wonderlin(not own) ?

layout featuring alice nine.(by jrockxstar) and profile layout featuring shin from kagrra,(by inconformista, as you can see below). moodtheme by takara_moods. ?

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i love making new friends. so add me if you want, i do not bite you. ♥ but peoples who just want to bash my fandoms or hate my fandoms to death: do not add me!

i sometimes also spam to my journal. you've been warned.

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